The Same Stars

When you read the headline of the book, The Same Stars , what do you think the book will be about?

Find 10 words from the book and try to find synonyms. When you change a word – how does that change the meaning of the sentence?

You can find all your instructions here: Bruunsklassrum

/ Sara

11 reaktioner på ”The Same Stars

  1. When i read the headline i thought the book was going to be about some famous persons or some people who’ve done something good.

    plenty – ”.., and we had plenty of food.” hatful, enough
    pretty – ” i was a pretty good boxer,..” reasonably, moderately
    small – ”.. and trained at a small gym.” little, minor
    stumble – ”One bumped into me as he ran, making me stumble.” lurch, stagger
    hurried – ”He hurried over to me,..” rush, hasten
    childish – ”They looked like toys, such childish things.” infantile
    carefully – ”.. zip it up carefully in the secret pocket.” cautiously
    shy – ”.., was three years old and as shy as a wild animal..” diffident, timid
    spinning – ”My head was spinning.” whirl, reel
    visit – ”.. once to visit them when i was eleven.” travel to, see


  2. When I first read the head line I thought that the book was about some famous people.

    terrible – ”You will see and hear terrible things, …” awful, dreadful
    deliver – ”… you are a package that someone has paid them to deliver” hand over, give away
    exploded – ”And then the world exploded.” unconnected
    stained – ”His clothes were stained with blood” painted, varnished
    cold – ”In the winter it was very cold, …” chilly, frozen
    frightened – ”Her eyes were big and frightened” scared, afraid
    still – ”… with his schoulders slumped and his hands still.” inactive, unmoving
    disappeared – ”I slung my backpack over one shoulder and watched as the car disappeared in a cloud of dust” pass away, vanish
    happy – ”He gave me a hug, but he did not look very happy.” lucky, cheerful
    little – ”My mother had wrapped up a little food for me.” small, less


  3. When i read the headline i thought that the book was going to be about peoples equality. Because no matter where you are in the world, if your rich or if you poor, we all see the same stars.

    Finally – ‘’ Finally I decided that it was time.’’ eventually, lastly, after all
    Pick – ‘’.., a car came to pick me up.’’ choice, select
    Small – ‘’ The house was small.’’ tiny, little
    Difficult – ‘’Well, it is not so difficult,..’’ hard, challenging
    Smart – ‘’He is a very smart boy,’’ clever, genius
    Terrible – ‘’This is a terrible city,’’ awful, horrifying
    Foolish – ‘’I have done something foolish.’’ stupid, insane
    Worry – ‘’Do not worry about me,’’ doubt, bother
    Control – ‘’Without any control over your own life’’ charge, oversight
    Belong – ‘’We did not belong here.’’ fit, suit


  4. When I first read the headline I thought the book would be about two persons with the same interests and when they meet one day they would fight to the top together.
    ”with people crammed in on all sides…” chock up, wad
    ”you will certainly not forget…” sure enough, for sure
    ”weigh you down with invisible chains.” count, consider
    ”but I did not want to lose my companion…” fellow, familiar, associate
    ”driven by a surly man…” ugly, angry, mad
    ”I was clutching my old backpack…” seize, prehend, hold close
    ”I slung my backpack over one shoulder…” threw, catapult
    ”making me stumble.” lurch, stagger, misstep
    ”eyes looked infinitely sad.” boundlessly, endlessly, immeasurably
    ”I felt numb inside.” asleep, dull, dead


  5. When I first read the head line I thought the book will be about camping under the stars or some think like that.
    The synonyms of beautiful are: beautiful, admirable
    The synonyms of happy are:happy,glad,joyful
    The synonyms of careful are: accurate,leery
    The synonyms of irritated are:angry,troubled
    The synonyms of icy are:chilly,freezing
    The synonyms of complicated are:hard,difficult
    The synonyms of responsible are:answerable
    The synonyms of quickly are;speedily
    The synonyms of private are: special


  6. When I first read the headline I thought that the book was about some people that was going to move and the people need to respect that because you have the same stars.

    Rushing- ”Everyone rushing around doing last-minute things…” Hurry, haste
    Glow- ”..the glow from the city lights began to fade behind us.” gleam, light
    Uncomfortable- ”I was stiff and uncomfortable.” awkward, difficult
    Crying- ”But when she turned away from me I could see that she was Crying.” mourning, sobbing
    Skinny- ”A skinny cat crossed the road in front of us,..” bony, angular
    Small- ”The house was small.” narrow, meager
    Nimble- ”.. children have small, nimble hands and sharper Eyes than adults.” adept, adroit
    Enemy- ”..he was my friend and not my enemy.” foe, opposition
    Smart- ”You are a smart boy,..” Brainy, brilliant
    Windy- ”.. remembered a windy summer day,..” breezy, gusty


  7. When I first read the head line I thought it was going to be about two people with diffrent hobbies that meet and became very good friends.

    Cold – Chilly, cool
    Awake – Alert, Mindful
    Refuse – Deny, Decline
    Hungry – Ravenous, belly-pinched
    Arrange – to fix, to organize.
    Happy – Glad, Joyful
    Smart – Genius, Clever
    Finally – After all, eventully
    Visit – Travel too, See
    disappeared – Vanish , pass away.


  8. When i read the headline i thought the book was going to be about some famous persons
    conversation- a few weeks after that conversation / Talk,discussion,speech
    already- there was a man sitting there already/ before,once,then
    alone- i felt very lost and alone/ lonley,single,only
    door- piling a mountain of suitcases at the front door/ exit,gate,entry
    send- what if my family had no more money to send/ address,post,deliver
    borrow- then they would have to borrow/ hire,rent,acquire
    night- in the middle of the night/ midnight,dark,blackness
    away- we had to get away/ elsewhere,off,far away
    long- in a crisis, all help is welcome, but we could not stay here long/ lengthy,far off
    scene- mazharr took my arm and turned me away from the scene/ place,scenery


  9. To me the headline was a little interesting and I kind of knew then that is was going to be about two diffrent places. Because people often say that even if we are in two diffrent countries we still look at the same stars.

    Small – ”He gave me a small smile” – little, teeny
    Beautiful – ”She was a beautiful child” – gorgeous, stunning
    Glad – ”I was verry glad” – pleased, cheerful
    Smart – ”They are smart children” – bright, wise
    Angry – ”These men were angry” – furious, bitter
    Quiet – ”Evene the cilderen were quiet” – silent, muted
    Warm – ”The evning was warm” – temperate, heated
    Different – ”Those are two different countries” – particular, divergent
    Terrible – ”My father had a terrible cough” – hideous, horrifying
    Shy – ”..shy as a animal..” – fearful, afraid


  10. When i first read the head line I had no idea what the book was gonna be about so I was kinda confused.

    Journey-”But the journey will not be easy…. ”:adventure,campaign
    Caught- ”You might be caught by the police and sent back to where you started”: entangled,captured
    Companion- ”,but I did not want to lose my companion…”.: comrade,mate
    Guessed-”I guessed,into Peshawar!”: predicted,supposed
    Killed-”..the two men from Ghazni who had been killed”: annihilated,exterminated
    Hanging-”There are some light bulbs hanging from the ceiling…”: swaying,beetling
    Shrugged-”the man said and shrugged”:wriggled,twitched
    Pressed-”Aghela´s lips were pressed together”: pushed,urged
    Told-”That is not what you told us the last time”:said,informed
    Dictator-”Of course,the dictators won…”: mogul,oppressor


  11. When I first read the headline I thought it was about two brothers or two sisters or something. The same stars sounds like 2 persons who are look alike.

    The synonyms:
    Big: ”they want big groups”- large, grand
    Terrible: ”my father had a terrible cough”- horrible, awful.
    Almost: ”We hade almost no teachers left at the school”- nearly, near by
    Icy: ”the wind was icy”
    Coldish, chilly.
    Talking: ”as we sat talking”
    Speaking, chattering
    Eat: ”eat some breakfast”
    Have some, feed.
    Hurry: ”hurry boy”
    Shift, rapid
    Good: ”good place to live”
    Fine, well
    Angry: ”these men were angry”
    Crabbed, mad
    Smart: ”you are a smart boy”
    Shrewd, sharp



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