All the teachers were gone,

but we NEVER GAVE UP. At least some of us didn’t! 🙂

1. What happened in the classroom when you found out that the teachers were gone?

2. How did your group react and why? Write your answers in Padlet. Click on the link and then in the Padlet just double click anywhere to start writing.
3. Read the text GONE again. Read the text aloud and together in your groups.
4. Compare the reactions of your group to the students in the text. Can you find any similarities?
5. Which are the main characters and how are they described in the text? Underline the information that you find in the text. Be prepared to tell another group what you have found.
6. The groups tell each other what they have written and talked about. Two groups get together and tell each other.

Our reactions:

Skärmavbild 2016-03-13 kl. 22.28.55




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