The teachers are back…

Yesterday was a bit odd, right?

We read the first the chapter of the book Gone written by Michael Grant. The book is a Dystopia . It is situated in the US and in a school. Suddenly the students realize that everyone above the age of 15 is gone. Poof. Gone.

So when the teachers had finished reading the first chapter they left the classroom. They didn’t come back! Guess what happened! It turned out to be chaos! The teachers just left an envelope with a QR-code in. Nothing else. No instructions. Nothing. Someone knew that it was a QR- code and scanned it. There we found the instructions!

Skärmavbild 2016-03-13 kl. 13.02.23

Use a QR-app to scan the picture


When the lessons were  finished the teachers came back! Lucky us! Some of us realized that we behaved EXACTLY as in the book and we didn’t know about it. We were 14 groups and 6 stayed calm in the chaos and followed the instructions and the rest .. well… Busy, busy doin’ nothing at all…


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