All the teachers were gone,

but we NEVER GAVE UP. At least some of us didn’t! 🙂

1. What happened in the classroom when you found out that the teachers were gone?

2. How did your group react and why? Write your answers in Padlet. Click on the link and then in the Padlet just double click anywhere to start writing.
3. Read the text GONE again. Read the text aloud and together in your groups.
4. Compare the reactions of your group to the students in the text. Can you find any similarities?
5. Which are the main characters and how are they described in the text? Underline the information that you find in the text. Be prepared to tell another group what you have found.
6. The groups tell each other what they have written and talked about. Two groups get together and tell each other.

Our reactions:

Skärmavbild 2016-03-13 kl. 22.28.55



Our superpowers

We have created characters and every character needed a superpower.

When the teachers left us, our task was to tell the group members about our characters.

We, how managed to stay calm, did it like this. Below you can watch a few examples:



The teachers are back…

Yesterday was a bit odd, right?

We read the first the chapter of the book Gone written by Michael Grant. The book is a Dystopia . It is situated in the US and in a school. Suddenly the students realize that everyone above the age of 15 is gone. Poof. Gone.

So when the teachers had finished reading the first chapter they left the classroom. They didn’t come back! Guess what happened! It turned out to be chaos! The teachers just left an envelope with a QR-code in. Nothing else. No instructions. Nothing. Someone knew that it was a QR- code and scanned it. There we found the instructions!

Skärmavbild 2016-03-13 kl. 13.02.23

Use a QR-app to scan the picture


When the lessons were  finished the teachers came back! Lucky us! Some of us realized that we behaved EXACTLY as in the book and we didn’t know about it. We were 14 groups and 6 stayed calm in the chaos and followed the instructions and the rest .. well… Busy, busy doin’ nothing at all…

Questions from David Estes – a war veteran

Below you can watch the video again.

Before Tuesday, I want you to have answered the questions as a blog comment.

On Tuesday, I would like Alexandra, Sofie and Emilia to create a new video message for the veterans. Take a look at the answers your friends have written and  bring their answers together.  The class will help you on Tuesday with other questions for the veterans. If you already have some questions, feel free to include them when you write your comment.

/ Sara

Chatting with War veterans from America

Skärmavbild 2015-09-17 kl. 20.18.41

We have now started our  discussions with the war veterans from Livingstone County war museum.  The men we are talking to are in the US and there is a time difference, because of that we have chosen to talk through Skype video messages.

The war veterans are talking as private citizens and not as representatives of the American Government.

Ludvig, Veljko and Ashrf started the discussion by asking our first questions:

Where have you been doing your service?

What is the worst about being away from your family?

What do you think about the situation in Syria today?

Today – Again

Last lesson was very emotional. I hope you now better understand why people have to flee from their homes.

On Friday I will not be here. You may read the whole lesson. You have to finish the book before the lesson starts on Tuesday next week.

Today we are going to continue talking about AGAIN.

Use this VENN diagram.
1. Can you find anything that happened during WW2 that is the same that is happening to the refugees from Syria today? Write that in the middle of the circle.

2. Write examples of what happened to the refugees during WW2 that aren’t happening today in the left part of the circle.

3. Write examples of what is happening today that didn’t happen during WW2. Write that in the right part of the circle.

4. During WW2, from which countries did most refugees come and why?

5.  Can you find evidence from the Swedish history – have Swedes ever fled our country? If so, when and why?

You can use the book we are reading. You can use what you have learnt during your history lessons.
You may use Google, but be careful and try to find out if it is true what you are reading.

Are newspaper articles always true? Are there any differences depending on what country you find the news in? Use a Venn diagram again. Help each other in the group.  When you find something that is the same you write that in the middle.

I also want you to comment here in the blog. Answer the question: Do find anything that happened during WW2 that also happens today?

Der Spiegel – Germany

Breaking News – Austria

The Daily – Hungary

The Guardian – Great Britain

BBC – Great Britain

The Washington Post – USA

/ Sara

Be brave and don’t give up

Europe could not save him
Inside the Budapest Railway station this morning

What do you think about when you see the picture and the films? Discuss your feelings in your groups.

Today Ashrf will tell us about why he and his family had to escape from Syria.

Ashrf was very brave and I am so proud of him and the rest of the class. It was very emotional to hear him telling his story.

What did you think of today’s lesson? Describe your feelings.

See you on Tuesday / Sara